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i love this fandom so fucking much. i love you guys,. you do shit like this and just. how. why. i love you.


I love them!!!

I’m so CRANKY today. Point me in the direction of happy, feel good Stony fics! Please! I’d try to write one if I wasn’t at work.


haha imagine steve and tony going to costco


"Single dad Tony meets Steve and awesomeness happens."
- billiondollarsuperhero

note: this is basically the plot of my fic so now i feel challenged to come up with as many single dad Tony meeting Steve scenarios as I can. challenge accepted! also, au!

Steve spun around in his chair as he waited for someone to walk up to his booth. The fair was the best time of the year for him since he was generally paid well to do nothing but paint onto kid’s face for way more than it was worth but he liked seeing their faces light up once they looked in the mirror. He wasn’t the best but he was pretty good. This year wasn’t so great of a year for him. Instead of the noisy squeals of small kids with too much energy and nowhere to exert it, he sat hopelessly waiting for someone to appear.

Tony ruffled Peter’s hair as he walked into the fair grounds. It was sort of their thing, going to the fair and eating everything that made them sick. The six year old had a twinkle in his eye when the WE CAN FRY ANYTHING sign caught his attention. “Dad, fried twinkies?”

Tony gagged at the thought, never being much of a fan of fried anything but he nodded reluctantly. “Whatever you want, kiddo.”

Steve continued to spin in his chair as the small kid walked past. Suddenly, he jumped from his seat, slipping into his salesmen mode effortlessly. “Hey, would you like to have your face painted?”

The two stopped short, looking over their shoulder before Peter’s eyes grew wide as he saw the pictures of the different animals. “Dad, I want to be a pterodactyl!”

Steve laughed lowly, as Tony shrugged. “I don’t know if he can do that, Pete.”

Steve leaned forward a bit. “I’ll try. If I can’t, what’s your second favorite animal?”

Peter placed a finger on his chin as he thought long and hard about it. “Tiger.”

Steve laughed. “I can do tiger. Hop up here, I’ll make you look just like one.”

Peter detached his hand from his dad’s to run over to the empty seat. Tony slowly followed behind, standing behind the boy as Steve pulled up a chair and readied his paints. “What’s your name?” Steve asked as he shook the bottles.

"Peter." He answered with a wide grin. 

Tony stuck out his hand. “I’m Tony, his dad.”

Steve smiled back as he shook Tony’s hand. “I’m Steve, the face painter.” Squirting the red unto the plate, he went to shake the orange and black. “You two new to the fair this year?”

"Not really. We’ve been coming since Peter was about three."

"Yeah, we come each year to eat food that my aunt gets mad at dad for letting me eat it. I’m allergic to a lot of things but it all taste so good!"

Steve smiled as he listened, Peter was full of energy, like many of the other kids that he met bu t it was enough to want to applaud the man behind it. Truthfully, it wasn’t often that Steve encountered single fathers. There were fathers and daughters spending time together, mothers and sons even but never father and son with no sign of a mother in sight. Instead of asking too many questions about the mystery woman, he listened. 

"Aw, that’s sounds no fun but I agree. I love coming to work here every day and having a funnel cake for breakfast." Steve replied with a wide smile. Finally, he was all prepared and ready to paint. "Alrighty!" He exclaimed in excitement. "How many stripes do you want?"

"100!" Peter yelled out with a big laugh.

Tony shook his head, a smile painted over his lip as he looked down at his enthusiastic son. “Make it ten, your face is way too small for all that.”

Peter closed his eyes as Steve began painting around his lids. 

"How long have you been doing this? Think as much as we come, I would’ve seen you a time or two." Tony asked, making small talk.

Steve thought about it for a minute. “I’m usually all the way by the ferris wheel but they made a new layout this year, they wanted us by the door so here I am. My best friend used to run the place, mostly, then I switched out with him at night but this time, we decided to change it up.” 

Tony nodded, looking around at the passing fair goers. “Like painting brats faces all day?’

Steve chuckled, not sure to be honest or lie for the sake of getting five dollars. “Yeah, I mean, I thought i’d be doing more than this some years ago but I like it. I like making them happy.” Steve thought about various questions himself. “So, what about you? Do you have a job you love?”

"I wish. It’s mostly paperwork, answering the phone, and helping old people figure out how their TVs work and why the remote won’t work."

Tony’s eyes danced around Steve as he tried not to stare. It was difficult, really. The man was good looking, sickeningly handsome in a way that they only made movie stars or athletes. Tony knew that he was out of his league, perhaps not even on his team but he had to give it a shot, right? What was life all about if it’s not taking a chance, he mused to himself.

"I’m sure this is how you score all the single moms, am I right?" Tony asked hoping to be wrong.

Steve laughed lightly. “Not particularly.”  His voice was tight, as if he was resisting the urge to say too much by only saying so little, he hoped Tony caught wind of the hint he was dropping. It wasn’t as evident as Tony but Steve found the proud father to be quite good looking. Sure, he didn’t really care for kids at times but it was something he was sure to get over it if it meant being with a man like Tony. 

"I don’t like girls. I think they’re mean and shallow." Peter admitted.

"Where’d you get that from?" Tony wondered.

"Auntie Pep. She said girls are shallow and stupid and they never know what they want. Isnt’ that why you don’t like girls dad?"

Steve felt his eyes shoot up to the man standing before him. Tony was uncomfortable, embarrassed possibly but Steve did all he could not to make matters worse. 

Tony leaned down to his son, leaning in to speak only so lowly. Steve could still hear. “Peter, let’s talk about this another time.” 

There was an awkward tension filling the small space the three were enveloped inside but Steve refused to be the only one left in the closet. “That’s why I don’t like girls. I wouldn’t say they’re shallow but I agree with your aunt, they never know what they want.”

The brush was tickling Peter’s skinny cheeks before his mouth and eyes were wide and gaped. “You like boys?” He whispered not so lowly. 

Steve chuckled Looking up at Tony who was staring at him waiting for his answer. “Yes, I do. it’s not a secret anymore so you don’t have to whisper.”

Tony felt the faint grin warming up his face. “Well then.” He said lowly as he tried to look someplace else that wasn’t Steve’s baby face. 

Peter began to giggle. “I have an idea! Dad, date Steve so he can paint my face all the time! I can be a different animal everyday and all the kids at school would be jealous!”

Tony gently squeezed his son’s shoulder. “That’s not how it works, kiddo. See, first I have to ask him if he likes kids which I can tell since he paints their faces all day long. Then, I have to think of a night I know you’ll stay at your aunts, which is usually Wednesday, and see if his schedule is all clear. Lastly, I have to say, would you like to go out with me on Wednesday, and wait for an answer.”

Peter was confused, glancing a look at his father then to Steve. “So, did you ask him or are you going to ask him?”

Steve shook his head as the smile across his face widened. “And when he asks me, I’ll say Wednesday is a great day for me and I’d love to go on a date with him. But I have to wait until he ask, of course.”

Peter frowned at his confusion. “I don’t think I like anyone if boys make stuff this complicated, too.”

Question, can you point me in the direction of some good Stony fic???

I have no rhyme or reason and these are not in order of favorites, but Semaphore is one of the most well known Stony fics to exist (there are a few others too). That’s a good place to start, but the authors I have listed here…I love pretty much everything by them. Some are just for certain series and others are for everything Stony they’ve written.

I was probably the wrong person to ask because I answered with way too many. Hopefully at least one of these captures your interest, but they’re all really good.







Semaphore by DevilDoll


As Sharp as Any Thorn by RurouniHime

Containment by D

I bought some Stony magnets to go with my Stony magazine.


I bought some Stony magnets to go with my Stony magazine.


All hail the mighty Entertainment Weekly: Age of Ultron cover featuring STONY!

I will always ship these two and nothing in the world can change my mind!