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Special Snowflake Support Group

Making a special super selective group consisting of only the best fans who are real fans and not fake fans.

If you love the thing, this is the group for you.


-Rules are lame.

What we are looking for:

-Real fans.

-Not fake ones.

What you’ll get:

-Interaction with real fans.

-Not fake ones.

-You get to cry over the thing.

If you are accepted:

-You’re a real fan.

-Not a fake one.

-Exclusivity like we’re in high school or some shit.

-Only picking real fans who are nice.

-Real fans with opinions contradictory to my own are not allowed.

-We liked your personal essay on why you’re a special snowflake.

-EXCLUSIVITY!!! You are a true special snowflake now.

God dammit, Phil! You are a professional agent! Hold it together!

God dammit, Phil! You are a professional agent! Hold it together!


Genie Steve!! I’ve been wanting to post something with my little genie Steve for the longest, so I made it as a gif 

Cutest ever!


Genie Steve!! I’ve been wanting to post something with my little genie Steve for the longest, so I made it as a gif 

Cutest ever!


Imagine your OTP in a universe where everything is the same, except for one thing: their personalities are switched.

My dream job.





This is so hard because you know this isn’t the first time they’ve had this conversation. They probably have it every time he visits her. He squares his shoulders before he goes in there, and hopes for the best, relatively speaking. You can see it in his face in that second gif - the way he literally crumples when he sees that he’s lost her again.

I’m shocked that I haven’t seen more people mention this scene, because this scene KILLED me. This is the only scene I cried in. I found a lot of Bucky’s scenes disturbing and I hurt for him, but this is the most heartbreaking scene for me. Because Steve remembers Peggy just like she was in the first movie. It was like a split second ago for him that Peggy was that amazing, intelligent, vivacious woman who inspired him to do amazing things. Sure Steve is shocked and rattled when he sees Bucky again, but Bucky still looks like BUCKY. Bucky was in the same time warp Steve was in and they both still look like they remember each other. But Peggy is the visual proof for Steve that everything has changed for him. She’s had a life. An entire life without him. She even points out that she grieves that HE hasn’t lived like she did. Peggy is the evidence of what Steve lost. He can sink himself in SHIELD and he can fight the good fight and try to forget that he’s not completely displaced in the world, but visiting with Peggy is both necessary for Steve because she’s the only one who remembers and also brutally painful because she’s proof that Steve is a man out of time and place. And the extra punch to the gut that she has dementia and her reaction to him is that of finding him and being heartbroken for their loss of each other. And that this obviously isn’t the first time she’s had this reaction. Steve has to know that he probably doesn’t have all that long with her either in the grand scheme of things. They find each other and lose each other and find each other over and over in this horrible, painful cycle. And soon he’s going to be utterly, completely alone. Sure he can befriend Sam and Natasha and forge new relationships, but there’s always going to be that little bit of disconnect.

And gawd does Chris Evans break your heart with his reaction. You can physically see his heart ripping apart all over his face and then him pull it together to comfort Peggy. There’s that quote floating around about the difference between “manpain” and legitimate horrible emotional pain that a character is going through. This is it. This is the moment you see it. Steve might try to hide it as much as possible and tries to be the shining beacon, but he is a man in LEGITIMATE pain. He has every right to want to curl in a ball and never come out.

When I watched the movie on Wednesday I was so shocked that no one was posting about this Like till now I kept thinking I just imagined this scene

THANK YOU FOR THIS POST. Seriously though, this scene had me sobbing pretty loudly in the theaters. And I always make the comment that this scene hurt me way worse than Noah and Allie’s scene from The Notebook, because that still fucks me up till this day. It physically hurts watching this scene.

Important photos from NYC with Steve

Since we don’t get many chances to act like idiot tourists (and by we I mean me because Steve - americancapsicle - rolled his eyes at me a lot) I made this picture the first of a few (honestly I’ve seen enough of NYC that I don’t think it’s important enough to be a real tourist and do that crappy blocking the sidewalk to take a picture of a tall building thing) that entertained me the most.

Photo #1 The Fapmobile (this should speak for itself)


Photo #2 My future therapist maybe.


Photo #3 Shake Shack (this is what happened the last time we let Clint come with us)


Photo #4 Where we park Clint when we order food (because of #3)


Photo #5 Grom (hot chocolate close to Trump Tower)
If you’re interested in going the address is 1796 Broadway, New York, NY


Photo #6 Steve is an asshole and made me walk through Central Park at 10:30 at night so we could take a picture of the mansion…that all of us live in (poor picture quality is his fault, not mine)


Photo #7 Clint’s girlfriend hanging out at the train station with us (please don’t ask me why we were at the train station)


There were supposed to be more pictures but a few came out horribly and I just decided that everyone can look at NYC on Google Earth.

So long, fuckers.

I should stop doing everything Steve wants to do.

1, 16

1. selfie


16. have you ever wanted to tell someone something but didn’t?



Cap, I plan to clobber you with the next apple box we come across if you make one more short person joke.

There. I said it.