JARVIS, drop my needle.


color meme - requested by snuffleharry
↳ tony stark + cold colors

"I would like to do any way possible that Howard Stark can make a return. He’s such a fun character to play, and I really believe that he could make quite an exciting character to watch more of. The flawed entrepreneur, the kind of crazy playboy, from that era is an exciting concept." - Dominic Cooper

STARK EXPO: Howard’s V.S. Tony’s version

Important from Captain America: The Winter Soldier


but his motherboard WAS soaked and Tony went to the bottom of the ocean to recover him and fix him. T_T



  • Abused
  • Alcohol dependency at age 8
  • Sent to boarding school at age 6
  • Loved and adored Maria but Howard squashed that saying “Stark men are made of iron” and for her to not coddle him
  • Touch starvation
  • Made most of his friends
  • One friend growing up; Tiberius Stone who later tried to kill him
  • Statutory raped at age 15 (or around then)
  • Bullied
  • Parents killed at 21
  • Becomes Iron Man a few months later

//What’s the statutory rape thing? What?

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