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As a teen, Tony would go out some nights and find a street-walker around his age, pay for the night, and spend the time eating a filling meal, and then junk food while watching movies. At the end, he’d pay triple, and thank them for hanging out with him. He was just that lonely. (sometimes he still does it)

As a teen, Tony would go out some nights and find a street-walker around his age, pay for the night, and spend the time eating a filling meal, and then junk food while watching movies. At the end, he’d pay triple, and thank them for hanging out with him. He was just that lonely. (sometimes he still does it)

Deadpool Test Footage in HD by itsartmag


Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool… in HD

If we add the word “leaked” to this will it make it more exciting? If “leaked” means “uploaded by the animation studio” then this is even more “leaked” than when “leaked” meant “shown to 1000’s of people at Comic-Con”. 

Marvel, where is my Age of Ultron teaser?

I don't know whether you watch Agents of SHIELD, but about the many people who seem not to understand that Bucky is not a villain, did you know about this Jeph Loeb comment? "The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) has done things that are far more heinous than anything Grant Ward has ever done as far as we know, and yet, at the end of the movie, you’re rooting for him to come back on the side of the angels,” Is he for real?




I need to take a moment because HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. I don’t keep up with AOS news all that much because I’m still, unfortunately, waiting for the show to deliver (the later part of the season got much better so that made me happy, also anything with Triplett is gold, hence why I’ll stick around for another season).

I didn’t know this dunce Leob made that comment. 


Now that I know.

I had to sit on this for a day and like, do some breathing exercises and a hour of yoga because the fact that people in charge of anything Marvel or MCU related HA V E  AC TUAL LL Y SA I D SHI T  LIKE THIS I JUST.

I need another moment.



The Winter Soldier has committed a lot of crimes. What a terrible human being. How dare he, after being tortured, experimented on, brainwashed, frozen, de-frozen, electrocuted and forged into a shell of his former self with no frame of reference, memory, connection, structure outside of the missions assigned to him, not consciously choose not to carry out those orders. What a despicable character. And yet we’re rooting for him, according to Loeb, to come back to the side of the angels.

NO, YOU DUMB NITWIT. Bucky Barnes doesn’t have to come back to the side of the angels. Bucky Barnes had all agency and personality electrocuted out of him. They literally turned him into a blank slate every single time he showed any resemblance of action or agency that was outside the parameters they gave him. Why? Because James Buchanan Barnes kept creeping up and they fucking knew he wouldn’t do the things they were asking him to do had he had any choice. So they took that away from him. 

Bucky is a fucking martyr. Bucky already paid whatever penance for his sins, such as they might be when he acted upon them without his consensus and without the cognitive ability to say no. He’s already suffered enough. At the end of TWS, Bucky Barnes breaks his own goddamn programming and guess what, the first conscious choice he makes is to save Steve from drowning.

There’s no redemption arc here. Bucky doesn’t need redemption. He needs healing. He needs to reclaim himself, rebuild his fractured mind, redefine his own persona, let his trauma heal, deal with his brainwashing and put himself back together.

My blood pressure always reaches alarming levels whenever anyone compares Bucky or Natasha (whom I’m pretty sure also has her Red Room bg in the MCU and I’m waiting to hear more on that) to Ward.

Because Ward is a villain. Like Loki, understanding their motivations and the reasoning behind their actions does not fucking excuse them. Grant Ward wasn’t frozen, tortured, electrocuted and mind wiped.He was influenced, sure; say he developed Stockholm Syndrome from his time with Garrett, okay; say he joined Shield with the purpose of taking it down from within out of loyalty to the person who ~saved him.

All of that? However badly influenced, was his own choice. He was his own person. A very fucked up person, sure, but with agency nonetheless. May I also add that he left behind the abusive environment where he was constantly under Garrett’s thumb, and he was then surrounded by a remarkable group of people who he befriended (with the purpose of betraying later). Environmentally, Ward had a shot to sit and think real hard about what he was doing and figure out if he actually wanted to do it, but he didn’t — or if he did, he decided that following Garrett was the way to go. Point being, it was his decision. He did all of this whilst being his own person.At any point, he could’ve made a different choice, but he did not. 

He knew what Garrett was planning, he knew what Garrett would do, and I believe he had at least the mental ability to take a look at that and go hmmmm, hey you know what. Buddy I know I sorta owe you my life but … this is a little extreme, yeah? At no point at all that crosses his mind, ever. No, not even when Garrett is clearly losing it, he still follows him. That’s like, Crossbones levels of devotion, my friend. And I’m actually okay with it — I thought  having Ward turn into a villain was the most interesting thing they did with the character, but then I see shit like this, frm the people in charge of the show, when they even pair up Ward and Bucky in the same sentence and I get an aneurysm. 

Bucky never had a choice. Ward did, and look what he did with it.

I don’t understand why Loeb can’t fucking grasp this concept and it actually terrifies me that he’s involved with AOS or the MCU at all.

The other thing that Loeb seems to have conveniently forgotten is that Bucky was a POW.  Ward and Loki were never POWs, never victims that were tortured.  So there is ABSOLUTELY NO COMPARISON!!!



I go apeshit every time someone either compares Bucky to Ward & Loki or refers to Bucky as a villain.  Just immediate nuclear meltdown.

*** temporarily resurrects ***


Okay, please do not compare Bucky to Ward or for God’s sake, LOKI.  They are not even close.  Not even in the same FUCKING UNIVERSE. 

As the lovely ink-phoenix has pointed out, the key words here are AGENCY.  And CHOICE. 

Bucky Barnes is NOT a misunderstood Draco-in-Leather-Pants Woobiekins Bad Boy in need of REDEMPTION.

He was a GOOD MAN, to begin with.  This was a man who chose to look after and support his sickly, asthmatic friend, despite the fact that they were living in a period of American history where it was understandable that every man would have been looking out for their own interests.  But from Steve Rogers’ own words, even when he had nothing he had Bucky.  I repeat, this is a GOOD MAN.

Maybe he’s not a saint, maybe he’s not perfect, but good? Definitely, hell, motherfucking yes.

So why are we rooting for Bucky Barnes? We’re not watching for his “redemption arc.”  Bucky doesn’t need “redeeming.”  He needs RECLAIMING.  He needs to get his AGENCY and his CHOICES back and FUCKING HELL YEAH I WILL SCREAM WITH JOY the moment the MCU-verse shows us that moment when Bucky reclaims all of himself - the boy from Brooklyn, the swaggering, charming sergeant of the Howling Commandos, the Winter Soldier and Steve Rogers’ best friend. 

#101 in my REASONS TO NOT READ MARVEL COMICS and just stick to MCU universe and pick and choose from COMIC CANON WIKI because RAGEQUIT FEELS RISING

*** goes back to being dead of EVEN MORE BUCKY FEELS ***

Age of Ultron is going to be fucking awesome!


Comic Con : Age of Ultron full panel!

Is there a way I can be part of the Marvel fandom without being part of the Marvel fandom?

Like is there a way I can just separate myself as a person from the constant whining and negativity that keeps going around but still make it understood that I love Marvel?  



There is a special, terrible place in hell for people who hate Tony Stark because of this and those people who send hate to RDJ are the epitome of everything wrong with this world.

Tony is the one who creates Ultron? So I mean…it’s not like the movie is putting him in a good light at the moment because of his tremendous fuck up.

People need to chill the fuck out and actually watch the movie before criticizing it and deciding everything is awful.